We created a truly unique startup investment program.

Subservice offers a one-of-a-kind startup incubator that takes the best elements of startup accelerators and incubators around the world to create an industry leading program.

The result is the perfect mix of accelerator, incubator, and venture technology to provide the fastest, cheapest, and least risky way to get an idea to market.

The application process for this program starts with one to three months of ideation, market validation, viability testing, and everyone getting to know one another.

Afterwards, Subservice will offer the startup a position in its 6 month program providing technical and strategic solutions in exchange for equity in the startup.

Where we play.

You've already iterated the idea a few times, have looked into competitors, and checked the concept's financial viability.
Who plays here?
Mainly your friends and family and events like Startup Weekend. Our validation phase can also help here if you get stuck.
You've launched a proof of concept, acquired a decent customer base, and have net positive cash flow.
Who plays here?
Subservice does! This is our domain. We specialise in bridging the gap between an idea and a fast growing business.
You're achieving consistent growth, attracting journalists and angel investors, and moving towards a solid market fit.
Who plays here?
We'll have already covered the technical requirements, so you should be looking to raise $250k+ from angel investors.
You understand the market size and cost per acquisition for each channel, It's time to execute a proven business model.
Who plays here?
We'll give you some guidance and connections for raising $1M+ from venture capital firms or other sources e.g. ASSOB.

What we're looking for.

Startups don't see scaling success without great founders, regardless of how good the idea is. When we assess applications, we focus on these six factors:


This is more than a good idea, it's solving a problem you experience.


Currently, we only invest in teams based in Melbourne, Australia.


You have no problem approaching potential customers on the street.


You're fun to be around, and connect with all types of people seamlessly.


This startup is the most important thing on your agenda each day.


We only invest in product or service-based subscription service ideas.

The process we use.

This is where it all begins...

After pitching your idea to us, we’ll hook you up with one of our mentors to get you ready for the acceleration phase. You’ll catchup with your mentor to solidify your idea, run basic financials, and get ready to test the market.

This phase usually takes 1 to 3 months, during which there is no exchange of equity or fees. This is where we review the team's success factors (mentioned above) and it's ability to meet the goals set with your mentor.

It's official, you've got a startup...

After you enter our program, we'll launch a simple, first version website. Over the next 3 months you'll focus on customer acquisition, retention, and positioning your startup as a market leader.

This phase is 3 months long. At the start, we'll help you incorporate you company and get legally prepared for going into serious mode. We'll also offer you our investment terms for percentage equity in your startup.

Getting serious...

You're now ready to start aggressively growing your business. We'll start laying the ground work to raise funds, hit up press contacts, hire your first interns, and optimise your customer acquisition strategy.

The final 3 months of the program. You'll work closely with our designer to realise a new brand and website matching your customers demographic. Afterwards, we'll continue to have brief board meetings once a month.

What we provide.

Venture technology.

For any web-based startup, it's important to get the technology right from the start. We've been through this process with our own startups and having the peace of mind that the technical requirements of your business are professionally taken care helps you stay focused on growing your customer base.

Website & Brand

You'll work closely with our designer to come up with an industry leading website and brand that perfectly matches your target demographic.

Subscription Platform

We'll put together a custom solution that matches your startup's scaling requirements and work flows, to make managing your customers easy.

Reporting & Analytics

We'll automate everything from bookkeeping to growth projections to give you a comprehensive overview of your startup's health at any time.

Domain Expertise.

Our mission is to be brilliant at one thing and one thing only, the subscription services business model. This single point of focus been influential in our successes to date, allowing us to build a vast network of specialty partners and connections. The benefits of our domain expertise translates to our investments really well.


Networking is key to a startup's success, so we'll leverage our personal and professional networks to get you hooked into the right circles.


Subservice will introduce you to some of the most experienced startup mentors, investors, and entrepreneurs in Melbourne.


Founding a startup is tough, but working alongside other like-minded founders makes it much easier. We've got a desk for you beside our other founders.

How to apply.

Click the big green button below to send an email to the team. Tell us a little bit about yourself, the problem you're solving, the competitive landscape, and any progress you've made so far. Feel free to share documents/slides via web links e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Head over to our FAQ page for a faster than email answer. Alternatively, email the team for a quick response.
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